the app

Speaser is a free betting app where you can bet on matches with real odds without using real money.

To play you need to register an account using an email address.
The e-mail address you choose to register your account with will also be the e-mail address we will contact you in case you win in any of our competitions.

All players receive 1000 speaser coins that are replenished automatically each month.

However, as a player you can participate in our competitions or draws and have the chance to win really nice prizes.

(Any profit tax is paid by the winner)

your profile

In your profile you get an overview of your level, position, ranking, winnings in both games and challenges and as well as a lot of coins you have in real time.

invite and challenge
your friends

Betting is always more fun when there are more people.
Invite your friends, colleagues or family members and challenge each other for a lunch or maybe who gets to mow the lawn on Saturday.

Game calendar

With the help of the game calendar, you can easily see which matches you can bet coins on in the different game categories.

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